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​Introducing recitation plays and lectures

We carry out "reading drama" and "lecture" activities all over the country as social contribution and tax education activities. Please feel free to contact us.


contact information:
International Taxation Research Institute, Reading Drama "To the Future" Production Committee

Tel: 03-5577-4578​

You can also contact us using the inquiry form below.

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​About the novel "The Mother of Special Attacks"

Tome Torihama. A woman who ran a cafeteria in Chiran, the base town of the Army Special Attack Units at the end of the Pacific War, welcomed kamikaze members, took care of them, and sent them off. People are called "Mother of Special Attacks" and are still remembered by many people today.


However, little is known about how she lived after the war. After the war, he held in his heart the thoughts of a young man who gave his life for the country, prayed for peace, and dedicated his life to the reconstruction of the country. "


"I have to work for the world to the extent of those children." Every day I tell the tragedy of the war that should never happen again, pray for peace, and do my best for society.


One of the jobs was tax. Taxes are the cornerstone of the country and the basis for the reconstruction and development of the country that the children wished for. She cooperated with the tax office and contributed to smooth taxation.


Eventually, the world began to call her a "tax aunt." This is a little-known fact

(From the novel "The Mother of Special Attacks" and the recitation drama "To the Future")

​State of recitation drama

Performances so far and future plans




Mikako Yoshida

Yukio Onozawa

Kanako Sasaki

Sosuke Yamashita

Sosuke Kawazoe

Koichi Torii

Chizuru Torii

In addition, we are working with many pleasant friends.

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