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Greeting from Chief Executive Partner

iTAX is a Certified Public Tax Accountant Firm of Japan established in April 2017 by a group led by ex-tax officials in National Tax Agency of Japan. The philosophy is to realize "three ways good" in taxation. The three sides stand for taxpayers, tax offices, and whole society including both our local and global community.

Initially, the firm was named as International Tax Assistance and Services Org. and it has provided services mainly for transfer pricing taxation. The name was changed to iTAX Co. on July 1, 2020, and its purpose is to dramatically expand and improve the scope and quality of service provision. Currently, we are planning to expand the business and improve the quality by gathering the power of other tax accountants and tax accountant corporations who share our aspirations.

The "i" of "iTax" is an acronym for international, inland, inheritance, inbound. We hope to work closely with as many clients as possible, regardless of nationality, and use our extensive tax expertise and work experience to solve the tax concerns of our clients. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

iTAX Tax Corporation

Chief Executive Partner

Masahiko Kobayashi

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