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Philosophy / Policy  Philosophy / Basic Policy

"ITAX tax accountant corporation: Itax)" provides international tax support centered on transfer pricing, and overall domestic tax support such as corporate tax, inheritance tax, and business succession support, through international contribution activities and social contribution activities. I am doing.

With the basic principles of (1) pursuing true public interest, (2) true risk avoidance, and (3) true burden reduction, (1) pursuing "good for taxpayers, good for tax authorities, good for the world (society, world)" and (2) "after the fact" Our basic policy is "Emphasis on advance response rather than response". In addition, he has been involved in international taxation for many years, especially those who have experienced negotiations with foreign authorities and working abroad, and who are familiar with what the true goals of international taxation are, corporate tax, inheritance tax, property valuation, etc. It is a corporation of professionals who have experience in responsible positions in the tax authorities for their work, and it is not just to support the immediate interests of taxpayers, but for both taxpayers and tax authorities in the long run. We will consider profits and strive to realize them.


■ Basic Policy 1 Realization of "good for three sides" for taxpayers, tax authorities, and the world (society, world).

The tax parties are mainly taxpayers and tax authorities, but taxes are the cornerstones of society and the nation, and are for society and people. As a tax party, we must not forget the existence of the world (society, world). It is necessary to consider a response that is convincing to the world, who is an invisible party. Keep in mind that the goal of taxation is to find a treatment that all of these parties can agree on. In other words, the important basic philosophy is "good taxpayers, good tax authorities, and good people (society, the world)," and we will work to achieve that goal.

■ Basic policy 2 "Advance response rather than follow-up response"


Until now, many companies may have focused on the ex post facto response, in which they first learned the seriousness of the matter when the taxation problem occurred and were forced to deal with it. For tax problems such as international taxation problems, the cost, labor, and effort to solve the problems after they occur will be large, in addition to the additional tax burden, such as dealing with tax audits. Above all, we will place importance on proactive measures so as not to cause taxation problems, and support taxpayers for that purpose. This is the basis of the support policy of iTAX tax accountant corporation.

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