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Recitation drama "To the future" production committee

A message from the novel "The Mother of Special Attacks" and the recitation drama "To the Future"

-Peace, bonds, compassion, gratitude-

Don't forget everyone. That our happiness is not just ours.


please remember. About the kamikaze members who are no longer in the war, and about many people. The hardships of many people and tax offices who have worked hard for the reconstruction of the country after the war.

Remember that the present peace, the present prosperity, and the present happiness have been created and inherited by the sadness, suffering, and work of the people of the past. And I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and gratitude to these people. "

(From "The Mother of Special Attacks" by Toshiyuki Fushimi)

Toshiyuki Fushimi Profile

Representative of the International Tax Exchange Research Institute, representative of the production committee for the recitation drama "To the Future" Tax accountant.

Visiting Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics, China Taxation Administration, Yangzhou Taxation Administration, State Taxation Administration, China. Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and Economics. He has served as Chief of the Chiran Taxation Office, a member of the JETRO San Francisco Center, an advisor to the Indonesian National Tax Bureau, a professor at the Graduate School of China Central Finance and Economics University, a director of the National Tax Agency Mutual Consultation Office, an asset evaluation planner, a public relations public hearing officer, an international operations section manager, an investigation section manager, and a Kanazawa national tax bureau chief. Engaged in international taxation such as transfer pricing at the National Tax Agency, mutual consultation with foreign offices and international cooperation, and also engaged in support for tax administration in each country for many years. His major books include "Basic Knowledge of Asian Taxes", "Basic Knowledge of Chinese Taxes", "Japan-China Transfer Pricing Tax System", the novel "The Mother of Special Attacks", and the novel "Hide and Seek (Following International Tax Avoidance)". ) ”And many more.

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